LaTeX Bits

Tiny pieces of LaTeX we think are worth sharing. The following projects are available:
LaTeX Sample sources, updated 2014-02-11 A small but complete LaTeX sample project which produces this main.pdf file. The Latex sample shows what you can do with LaTeX. Things like math, including graphics, nice formatting and inclusion of listings.
Writing software documentation as components

Writing software documentation can be a pain, certainly if it is meant to be a group effort. However, you can deal with the problem the same way as your would with a java project: Chop it up in components (classes and interfaces), adhere to some standards, and every body in the group can share in the documentation burden and put things together easily. The trick is of course: LaTeX.

We have thrown together some LaTeX packages you can pull from our repository. The sebivenlo-directory should be placed in a directory on your LaTeX search path.

In all the above cases you can of course just svn checkout the files into the given directory.

There are are a few example files in the downloaded directory too, but to get you started here is a set of files containing a few examples on how to use the macros.

The sources of two presentations in LaTex about LaTeX. If you do not want to compile yourselves, here are the pdf files:
LaVa, a rudimentary java api to generate LaTeX documents See our javabits website
SEBI Venlo Bibliography data set Of course we do our referencing and bibliography the software engineering way. We use bibtex.
I have collected all (I think) relevant books in our courses in a .bib file. I version it with subversion under As usual you need your peerweb account to access it.

To have the most use of it, check the out as .../texmf/bibtex/bib/sebivenlobib the same as described above under components.

Teach subversion to ignore compilation junk. I use this scrip to teach subversion to ignore LaTeX junk:
	  DIR=$(dirname $0)
	  svn propset svn:ignore -F ${RESOURCES} . --recursive
The recursive part works with subversion versions > 1.8. The file named resources contains:

Pieter van den Hombergh